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Featured Stories

Albuquerque Box

Flash Fiction originally published on the Iron Writer.

He Always Had a Plan

Amy Topol

A flash fiction story by Amy


Flash Fiction originally published at The Iron Writer

The Discovery

A young acolyte joins the science academy under the mentorship of a master astronomer. But can decades of archaic lessons prepare him for his greatest test.

The Picnic

S.P. Stanley

On April 14, 1985, a young man meets his mother in a restaurant for her birthday, but things become awkward when she brings her own breakfast.

Waiting For Sunset

S.P. Stanley

Sarah Shepard has survived war, discrimination and heartache. She was a fighter who rose to a level of power only to fade later in her life. She's outlived most of her friends and all of her family. Today, she faces another trial. A major hurricane has ravaged Miami, robbing her nursing home of life giving electricity. Sarah has traveled through 787,192 hours in her life, how will she make it through the next two?

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